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Mind, Body & Soul Healing for people who are dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain and the effects of trauma.

Hi, I'm Katherine Amber Murray, Shamanic Arts Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Transformational Coach. I assist people dealing with the effects of trauma, depression, anxiety, PTSD and chronic pain to achieve healing breakthroughs.
Many of my clients have been to other therapists and achieved some relief, yet are still dealing with symptoms on a daily basis that interfere with living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. Many of these symptoms are related to trauma and it is my experience that until the trauma is addressed and healed the symptoms will remain and continue to affect all aspects of life - health, career, relationships, finances and leisure.
Trauma can affect every aspect of life. It can affect our outlook on life, our sense of self and can be a contributing factor in anxiety, depression, panic attacks, addictions, fibromyalgia and eating disorders.

Here are some of the signs of unresolved trauma:-
1. panic or anxiety attacks, including difficulty breathing in everyday situations
2. feeling numb, disconnected or disassociated, feeling “dead inside”
3. difficulty sleeping and relaxing, feeling of being constantly on alert
4. long term depression
5. avoiding people , places and situations that trigger anxiety or are related to original trauma
6. using substances such as alcohol, sugar, food, drugs to numb out
7. find it difficult to fully enjoy life, or to be present and engaged in this moment
8 intense anger, rage or other emotions that can erupt suddenly
9. self harm or other destructive behaviours
10. difficulty dealing with conflicts
11. strong need to be in control in relationships and/or environment
12. believe there is something wrong with them or they are unworthy or bad in some way
13. suicidal thoughts
14. intense feelings of hopelessness, loss of purpose and meaning
15. experience of being a victim in various situations and relationships
If you have some or many of the signs of unresolved trauma, it may be a good time to get assistance to heal any trauma you may have experienced so as you can live a fuller, more vital and engaged life.

Finding the right approach and person to assist you to heal and resolve trauma is important. When undealt with trauma can continue to affect and limit enjoyment and fullness of life. There are many different approaches that have been found to be of assistance with healing and resolving trauma including EMDR, hypnotherapy, EFT and a shamanic approach to healing the spiritual affects of trauma. Finding the right person for you is also important as trust and a sense of safety and support are key factors in the healing process.

Assisting people to heal and resolve from trauma is part of my soul’s purpose and calling. I have seen the huge impact that trauma can have in people’s life. If you would like to speak about ways we could work together, you can contact me using the contact form below.

How would your life change if you significantly reduced the effects of trauma and their impact on your life?

Katherine’s approach is a personalised approach, addressing all aspects of trauma and its affects on body, mind and soul. She works in a highly supportive manner, assisting you to heal layer by layer, to regain your energy, freedom, joy and capacity to live a fullfilling and satisfying life. 

Katherine holds qualifications and certifications in:

  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal/Shamanic Art Therapy
  • Certified Results Coach
  • Diploma of Counselling
  • NLP
  • Timeline Therapy ®,
  • Akashic Records Reading
  • Meditation Teacher
  • Chakradance Facilitator

Is it time to reconnect with your joy, a sense of freedom and vitality?

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