intro-2How would your life change with 90 days of support, focus, strategies and tools, to assist you to get clear on your vision and transform whatever has been keeping you stuck and stopping you living the life you truly want to be living? .

You have dreams and goals
Things you want to do and be
It’s your time to start living the life you know in your heart that you are here to live
To be the person you came here to be
It’s your time
And something is stopping you
Stopping you following your dreams
Breaking through to the next level
You start moving forward
and you keep getting stuck in old patterns
that keep you in the same place.
It’s time to get some support, new tools and strategies,
to create a new vision for your life
to transform and make changes on the inside,
so as you get to live the life you truly want to be living!

Do you find yourself:
* Confused about what you really want
* feeling stuck in patterns that are not working for you, that keep you doing the same thing and getting the same result
* unable to breakthrough limiting beliefs and ways of thinking
* lacking motivation and energy to make changes
* missing a sense of fulfilment or meaning in your life
* dealing with anger, fear, guilt, sadness or hurt on a daily basis, that is keeping you stuck in toxic emotions and unable to move forward

Do you feel:-
* that there must be more to life
* you have lost that sense of joy and fun
* a heaviness and deep sadness for no apparent reason
* every day is just another day

Have you been experiencing:-
* difficulty getting up in the morning
* tiredness for no real reason
* lack of enthusiasm and motivation
* feeling stuck and unable to find a way forward
* a sense of struggle around making changes
* a lack of support around things that are important to you

I’m here to assist you to:-
* get clear about what you truly want
* create a vision of the life you want to be living
* identify what has been stopping you having that
* get associated with your goals and outcomes, so as you start moving toward them
* shift, heal and transform old emotions and patterns
* change limiting beliefs that are stopping you having what you want
* breakthrough your blocks and limitations to living the life you truly desire
* align and connect with your authentic self
* make meeting your needs and achieving your goals a priority in your life
* connect more fully with your inner resources
* create an action plan
* start living your heart’s desire

Outcomes of your 90 day Re-vision and Transform your Life Program:-

* Clarification of your goals and step-by-step plan for achieving these
* Improved wellbeing and reduction of stress
* Connected with your heart’s desire – your why!
* Empowerment and conscious decision making
* Greater integration – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically
* Permanent change relating to negative emotions, limiting beliefs and limiting decisions
* Access your inner resources for healing and change
* Easily implementable strategies for developing new habits and beliefs
* Develop your meditation practice
* Achieving a breakthrough in at least 1 life area
* Understanding how your life experiences contribute to who you are and your purpose
* Improved levels of fulfilment and purpose and much, much more!

Kirsten Flavell  © 2011About Katherine
Katherine has a unique approach that works to create permanent changes and achieve significant breakthroughs at every level – spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and energetic. She utilises a synergistic approach to transformation incorporating a variety of accelerated change techniques, energetic processes, intuitive and transformational coaching and healing techniques.

She brings a unique blend of life experience, training, skill, knowledge and passion to her work to assist you on many levels. She brings many years experience in transpersonal work, spiritual and energetic healing, intuitive work, counselling and coaching to serving her clients and assisting them to breakthrough their limitations and achieve their goals and outcomes. She works holistically to assist you to make changes, heal and transform whatever has been stopping you living a fulfilling and authentic life.

Your 90 days to Re-vision and Transform Your Life Program is aimed at empowering you to create permanent change and achieve significant breakthroughs in you life at every level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Why 90 Days?

90 days has been identified as the optimum amount of time it takes to make significant changes in your life to key patterns, habits and beliefs and to start achieving your goals and outcomes. Starting to today, you can choose to take control of the direction of your life instead of letting it be guided by patterns and habits that no longer serve you. In 90 days, you can make powerful and lasting changes, get clear about what you really want and what has been stopping you having it, freeing you to move forward with greater joy and ease. It’s truly exciting what is possible for you in 90 days, when you get clear on what you want and heal and transform the blocks and patterns that have been stopping you from having it.

How committed are you?

The journey is just beginning! As you shift old patterns and ways of being and incorporate new habits and strategies into your life, you will start to notice powerful changes, both in how you feel and what you are doing and experiencing in your life. Changes will be taking place at all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual as you bring greater clarity and a sense of purpose through with aligned action and congruent states of being.

Are you ready to step up and commit to yourself today?
butterflies and flowers

Your 90 days to Re-vision and transform you life Program includes:-

Option 1

Your program includes:-
12 X 1 &1/2 hour consultations with Katherine Amber Murray ($1,800)
1 X soul blueprint report and 1 hour session ($175.00)
2 x 2 hour spiritual clearing and healing session ($450)
3 x hand picked healing tools to support your journey (89.95)
Ongoing email access to me for the duration of the program ($480)
Total real value = $2,994.95

Your investment for 90 days is $2.250.00

Option 2

Your program includes:-
6 x fortnightly 1 & 1/2 hour sessions with Katherine Amber Murray ($900)
1 X soul blueprint report and 1 hour session ($175)
1 x 2 hour spiritual clearing and healing session ($225)
2 X Hand picked tools to support your journey ($59.90)
Ongoing email access to me for the duration of the program ($480)

Total real value = $1,839.90

Your investment for 90 days is $1,250.00

Are you ready to take the next step?

You can make payment using the paypal buttons below. There is a full pay option and a 3 payment option. Please also fill out the contact form and I will be in touch with you soon to arrange your first consulation.
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