Hi my name is Katherine Amber Murray, transformation coach and healer.I’m here today in Mermaid’s Cave, one of the beautiful spots in the Blue Mountains and this is an introduction to my 5 week blog series on inspired living. Over the next 5 weeks, I’m going to talk to you about some of my thoughts and ideas about inspired living. About living from that place of inspiration, that place of connection, with our own spirit and connection with all of life. I’m going to you about ideas and ways to do that and experience that more. Sound good?

In my first blog, I’m going to be talking about the breath, about conscious breathing and awareness of the breath as one of the keys to experiencing that sense of inspiration and connection.

In the second video, I’m going to be talking about ways you might explore connecting with inspiration, finding your own ways. Be they writing, spending time in nature, sitting in a special place. Talking about ways you might like to explore and develop your inspiration and connection with that.

In the third video, I’m going to be talking about how living an inspired life connects us more with our spirit and also with all of life. It connects us more with that oneness and that experience that we are all one. We’re one with all of life and that flow with that, which is an amazing place to live. So we’re going to explore that and how to experience that and bring that more into your life.

In the fourth video blog, I’m going to be talking to you about asking questions. Asking a question and being open to the answer, however that might come as a way of connecting with direct inspiration. Because wen we ask a question, the answer shows up, that might be in the moment, or in a variety of ways, so we’ll be exploring that.

And finally, we’ll be exploring about that inspired living is about living more in the moment. It’s about being open to that flow. In a sense that experience of emptiness, emptied especially from toxic emotions and stories that keep us out of the moment. So that will be the final blog, talking about living more in the moment and how to free yourself from some of those stories, thoughts and emotions that keep us out of living in the moment.

So that’s some of what we’ll be talking about in the next 5 weeks and I hope that inspires you to join me. Thank you.