windy-day-public-domainAs many of you know I have been going through some pretty major life changes and transitions recently. One of the things that I have learned which has helped me enormously is that when we go through major life changes and start to release old stories and beliefs, the negative energies that were attached to these stories and beliefs can be released. The old energies really do need to go, yet it can be a bit of a surprise when we find ourselves going through an energetic healing crisis as well as a major life change. For me, understanding what is happening is often the first step in finding solutions and moving forward.

Some of the ways these negative energies can show up is:-
* feeling tired and depleted beyond what you would normally expect
* emotions such as anger, irritability, sadness showing up for no outer reason
* feeling low emotionally
* old health issues showing up
* feeling heavy and negative for no reason

What can you do to help to support these changes?
Here are some suggestions:-
* drink lots of pure water – water helps to detoxify and clear out on many levels and keeps the body oxygenated and energised
* spend time outside – sitting or lying on the earth allows heavy negative energies to be taken down into the earth and transformed. You can visualise this happening to assist the process
* imagine a vortex of gold and white light flowing around and through your body and transforming and clearing any negative energies and returning them to divine source
* stay grounded – imagine roots growing out through your feet and down into the core of the earth, connecting and grounding you down into the earth.