deer-138643951410GI’m finding the latest information and research about highly sensitive people so freeing and enlightening. Many highly sensitive people have been told there is something wrong with them, they need to toughen up or get over it and the latest information reveals being highly sensitive is a trait:-
Being highly sensitive has been found to be an inherited trait that 15 to 20% of the population have. People with this trait are aware of subtle information through their senses that other people are not aware of and as a result the brain and nervous system are processing more information. Being highly sensitive is not a weakness, nor is it a lack of emotional resilience, it is a normal trait which a percentage of the population have.

Here are some of the qualities that have been found more common in highly sensitive people:-
* affected by the moods and emotions of others
* high degree of physical sensitivity ie to sound, bright lights, pain, touch, tastes, smells
* can get overwhelmed by doing a number of things at one time or pressure to complete a task in a short time frame
* affected by the atmosphere of a place
* need time alone to reflect, integrate and process life
* get drained and exhausted by being around a lot of people or in highly stimulating environments
* imaginative and creative with a rich inner life
* appreciation of art, poetry and music
* sensitive to caffeine and may have food and environmental allergies and sensitivities