We can live our life from a place of connection with self, with the divine, with all of life, or from a place of disconnection and the experience is very different. I think most of us can feel a bit disconnected at times and when this becomes our “normal” this can really affect our quality of life, energy levels, how we feel and live our life.

Feeling disconnected can be a result of feeling overwhelmed by your experience, emotions or even energy, or finding it difficult to be present to something that is emotionally or physically painful, challenging or that just doesn’t feel good. I have seen this with people dealing with pain, numbing out and disconnecting from the pain is a way of coping and emotional pain can be similar.

I find the key to living from a place of connection more often, is to take time each day to connect, with self, the divine, nature….. The ways people do that vary, so it’s about finding what works for you. Some ideas you may like to explore:-

* journalling
* walking in nature
* meditation
* yoga
* qi gong
* painting or drawing
* singing
* dancing
* breathing
* mindfulness
I would love to hear about the ways of connecting that work best for you…