Sailing on a lakeA new approach to achieving your goals in 2015!

The beginning of a New Year for me always brings a sense of new possibilities. Many people set their goals and intentions for the year ahead. There is a feeling that anything is possible! Yet often a few weeks into the year, there is a settling back into old habits and routines and little has really changed. The new gym membership may have sustained your motivation for working out a few times. The commitment to your new diet was manageable for a couple of weeks, followed by a slipping back into old eating habits. And for many people, this brief spurt of effort, followed by lapsing back into old habits, convinces them that they don’t really have what it takes to achieve their goals and to make the changes they are wanting to make.

There is another approach to achieving your goals…..

This approach to goal setting brings your focus into the present and to BEING the person who has the experiences and outcomes you want to HAVE in your life. This is what many people do not realise, that BEING comes first. When you are BEING the person who is congruent – in thought, feeling and action – with the experiences you want to have in your life, then this is what you will naturally and easily create. Traditional approaches to goal setting, are based on the belief that having what you want to HAVE will allow you to feel the way you want to feel and BE the person you want to be. Traditional approaches to achieving your goals, also push the goal into the future and often only serve to maintain the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. This is why most people do not achieve their goals.

The key with the BE to HAVE approach, is to get clear about the feeling state that achieving the goal gives you. When you imagine being, doing or having what you want, with all of your senses, as vividly as you can, then ask yourself the questions:-

What is the feeling that your goal or outcome gives you?

How do you experience yourself through having this goal or outcome?

Getting clear on how you would feel in achieving your goal, is the first part in being congruent with your goal. This is because, our goals are never really about things or money or whatever we think they are about. They are about feeling and experiencing ourselves in a particular way through having our desired goal or outcome.

The second part of this approach is taking actions that are congruent with this feeling state and your desired outcome. As you take actions consistent with your desired outcome, you are being the person you need to be in order to have what you want to have. Your goal is no longer a desired future, it is a present focused reality that you are in the process of creating. Ask yourself the following questions:-

What action can I take right now that gives me this feeling?

What action can I take that is consistent with achieving my outcome?

How you approach achieving your goals can make all the difference. It’s a new year and a great time to try something new…..

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