img_0016As an introduction to my work and to assist people to understand more about how negative energies may be affecting their health and wellbeing, I have created this Complimentary Spiritual Health Check.

During the session, I work with my spiritual team and the akashic records to give you some clear and specific insights as to how negative energies may be affecting you and your life. A spiritual health check may be of assistance to you if you notice any of the following:-

* you are tired and drained beyond what you would reasonably expect
* you feel disconnected and are not sure why
* you feel confused and unclear about significant decisions
* you have difficulty sleeping
* at times, you feel heavy and low for no reason

During your session you will learn about. . .

* negative energies impacting your health, wellbeing and energy levels
your connection with Divine Source energy
your spiritual protection system
simple grounding techniques to improve your spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing

I look forward to assisting you on your journey.

Katherine Amber Murray
Spiritual Health Check

Complimentary Spiritual Health Check

You can find out more about what I do here:-

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