Do you feel tired and drained even after a good night's sleep?

Do you experience mental fogginess and find it difficult to concentrate?

Have you been experiencing a sudden phase of ongoing financial issues, relationship difficulties or career challenges?

Negative spiritual energy and unconscious agreements can be a factor in all of these issues, so as no matter what you do to change them on a physical level nothing much changes and it can be very frustrating.

Energy clearing and healing can assist with clearing negative energy from the energy field all around you. Over time, your energy field can accumulate negative energy from your environment, interactions with others and negative thoughts and emotions. This can contribute to sleep issues, stress, low energy levels and difficulty concentrating. Energetic healing is uplifting and supports higher level health and wellbeing, allowing a flow of positive energy into your body and life.

When the flow of Universal energy is blocked, or hindered by heavy or negative energies, it interferes with a flow of positive energy to our body that can affect our health and wellbeing.

At an essential level, we are made up of energy. The energies of our thoughts, emotions, the environment we live in and the Universe are constantly flowing in and around us. We are always creating our lives out of the energy that surrounds us.

As we start to grow and evolve spiritually, we often become more sensitive to the energies around us. Practices such as meditation and prayer and cultivating love, compassion, kindness and gratitude in our interactions, cultivate positive spiritual energy.

At times however, we may find that we need assistance to clear any negative energies that are interfering with experiencing optimal levels of energy, vitality, happiness and wellbeing.

Some signs that there may be negative spiritual energies present are:-

* feeling tired and drained beyond what we would reasonably expect
* feeling angry and upset, coming on suddenly
* feeling confused or unclear
* things not flowing well in particular life areas, no matter what you do to bring about positive change or result
* nightmares and unexplained fears
* feeling down and low, for extended period and not able to shift it
* feeling heavy and negative for no reason

Non-beneficial energies and negative spiritual energies and entities can be an unknown contributing factor in many physical and emotional health concerns, interfering with optimal health and energy levels, clarity of thinking and peace of mind.

Katherine brings over 20 years experience with many types of spiritual and energetic healing to her work and has a passion for assisting people to experience high levels of wellbeing that support living a full, vital and fulfilling life. Energy clearing and healing has been found to assist with issues such as insomnia, anxiety, low energy, mental fogginess and confusion.

The results of spiritual, mental and emotional energy clearing and balancing work are generally immediate. For many people there is a noticeable lightening of mood and energy and a return of clarity, happiness and sense of positive spiritual connection. There can also be a sense of ease and flow in areas that have been difficult or challenging. For lasting effects, it is necessary to clear underlying negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear and guilt and to set new intentions and thought patterns in place. Change takes time and when we don’t do all the steps to consolidate change this does not support lasting change. It is a bit like a crash diet, where you put on weight again because the patterns have not really changed. A healthy diet is established over time and results are more sustainable.

I offer this work by Skype or in-person at Surry Hills or Wollongong. For most people 6 sessions is needed to create lasting any sustainable change at all levels. I offer special package prices and payment plans are available.
If you think that this may be just what you need, please do fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you shortly.
Katherine Amber Murray
Visionary Breakthrough Coach
Clinical Hypnotherapist

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