public domain waterfallMany people talk about a state of flow and inspiration. I’m sure that we have all experienced that at some point. Those moments, when everything flows and you feel connected and in tune with yourself and all of life. There are times when this just happens. Yet, how do we maintain that state, or get into that state delilbertately. That would be great, right, to be able to enter that state of flow when you need to, or want to?

Like anything, this takes practice and the more you do it, the easier it becomes. This is one of the reasons regular meditation practice is so beneficial. As you meditate regularly, slowing down your breathing and bringing your body into a state of equilibrium, you are also developing and strengthening the pathways in your brain, that allow you to enter more easily into that state of flow and inspiration.

The key to being able to move into the state of flow and inspiration easily, is to be engaging in an activity regularly, where you are naturally moving in and out of that flow state. There are many activiites which are conducive to moving into a state of flow, that relaxed state, where you are more connected to your spirit and inner self, where ideas and inspiration flow more naturally. For some people, it may be walking, running, driving in the country, yoga, tai chi, painting, drawing, writing, gardening or playing tennis. Any activity which allows you to connect more easily with a state of creative flow will work. Practice this regularly, preferably daily with the intention of entering into that state of flow. The more that you do this, the easier you will find it is, to enter into this state, when you want to.

I would also like to offer a few suggestion to assist with entering into a flow state:-

* Focus on your breath. Breathing, fully, deeply and rhythmically assists you to move into that relaxed, flow state.
* Bring your attention fully to the present moment. Focus on what you are doing and on your breath as it moves in and out of your body. Be aware of your senses – what are you seeing, touching, hearing, feeling in each moment.
* Slow down the busyness of your mind by focusing on a mantra, a phrase, affirmation or word such as peace, love, strength as you breathe in and out.