intro-2Forensic Healing is a powerful healing modality which addresses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. This is an intuitive modality which incorporates many other modalities such as guided visualisation, kinesiology and spiritual healing to create one of the most comprehensive healing modalities available today. Forensic Healing assists you to understand the patterns underlying your current health or emotional issues and to heal at all levels.

Without identifying the underlying patterns and issues, many healing modalities achieve only temporary results. Forensic healing assists to identify, mental and emotional patterns and beliefs, that have often been held for a long period of time at an unconscious level, affecting your health and wellbeing. By making what has been held in your body at an unconscious level, conscious, you can begin to heal, from the inside out. The first session is usually a 2 hour session and after that you can do 1 & 1/2 hour sessions or 2 hour sessions as best suits you.

2 hour session – $175.00
1 & 1/2 hour sessions – $150.00

I offer both Skype or phone and in person sessions in Parramatta and Springwood clinics.

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Forensic Healing Sessions

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