20160429_165935[1]Life’s so busy for many of us and that can mean not doing what we most need to do, in terms of self care. I see this so often in my practice and the result is, quite honestly, not good; in term of its effect on our health, wellbeing and happiness.

I think there are times in most people’s life when they have not made self care a priority and started to notice the results. It may be being overweight, depression, lack of energy or motivation. If this continues, chronic tiredness or health problems may starrt to show up.

Making self care a priority in your life has positive effects in all areas of your life. When you feel good, physically, emotionally and spiritually, you can bring this positive energy to all the people you interact with, , to your work and play.

I can easily get very focused on my work, because i’m so passionate about it and there is always something to do. Yet, if i don’t make time for what nourishes me, after a while i can lose that spark of inspiration and positive energy i love to bring to my clients and whatever i do. The weather is getting colder where i live and i don’t really like the cold, so i can find myself putting off walking until the sun is out. It really doesn’t work well for me to do this, so this week i have made a commitment to walk every day and especially to go the extra distance to walk somewhere really beautiful and inspiring. Today i was in Parramatta and went for a walk by the river. When i walk somewhere i don’t walk every day, i find that i notice so much more. I do love walking by the water, watching the play of light on the water and listening to the birds .

How are you incorporating self care into your day?

If self care is just not happening for you, in the ways it needs to, despite the best of intentions, you may need to do some work on your beliefs or underlying patterns. Don’t wait until chronic health conditions, stress, anxiety or depression force you to make a change. Start today!

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