hiker-on-boulder-rocks  public domainHave you ever noticed that when it comes to making major changes in your life, something seems to stop you? What is it that keeps us attracting similar situations, relationships, finances and success levels again and again?
One of the things that I have found in my own life and in working with clients, is that it is our core patterns and beliefs, that play a significant role in creating perceived limitations, for what is possible for us in terms of our relationships, finances, career and happiness and fulfilment levels.

Think about it for a moment, how can you go beyond what you deeply believe is possible for you? No wonder many of us come up against road blocks, when attempting to create major changes in our life. So often, we focus on making outer changes, without doing the inner work to support it. Then we wonder why our outer efforts are not successful. This is because we haven’t taken the time to identify and make changes to our core patterns and beliefs, that keep us doing the same thing and getting the same results.

So, how can you start to find and make changes to your core beliefs and patterns? One of the ways is by noticing the themes and patterns that show up in your life. Notice what stops you when you want to make changes and work back from there. Is it not having the money? The time? The confidence? The support? Write down some of your beliefs about money, time, self. Just start writing and see what comes to you.

When this feels complete, take a look through and choose one that stands out to you. Then create a new belief that will better support you. Basically, a belief that is the opposite to the old belief. Be sure to use positive language. For example – I don’t have enough money, time etc. Create a positive belief that would better support you – money comes to me easily as I contribute more value to the world or I prioritise and make time for what is important to me.

Write the benefits of holding this new belief for you and your goals and outcomes. Then write the new belief 100 times a day for 5 days, to start to develop new neural pathways to support you achieving your goals and outcomes. Repetition really does work to create new beliefs, habits and patterns.

Start taking action that is aligned with your new belief.