clip-art-sun-rays-2public-domainAs a sensitive person, this has been and still is a big piece for me – learning to strengthen and restore my energetic boundaries so as I’m living, being and creating my life from my own energy. Many people understand about protection and protection techniques, yet, unless your energetic boundaries are in tact with the people and situations in your life, protection will not be really effective. I now realise this is a major reason why protection techniques do not work effectively for some people, because they have weak energetic boundaries. In fact, many empathic and sensitive people may need to work on this every day, at least for a period of time, to strengthen and restore these boundaries.

So what are energetic boundaries? They are the boundaries that hold us in wholeness and integrity emotionally, mentally, psychically, spiritually and energetically. For sensitive and empathic people these are often not functioning well. Why is that? Sensitive and empathic people are wonderful at connecting with other people, with understanding and sensing what others are really saying and experiencing, at least to some degree. This is their gift. The other side of this gift is that out of a desire to connect with others and to assist them, they may not be looking after themselves, by having clear and strong boundaries. The effects of this can be actually damaging to our health and wellbeing and may include:-

* difficulty sleeping
* feeling tired and drained
* feeling confused or unclear
* experiencing feelings, body sensations that are unrelated to your current experience
* picking up a higher level of negative energies
* experiencing interference a bit like static on a radio station, making it harder to focus, concentrate, manifest and create
* proxy healing for others or taking on their physical, emotional or spiritual issues unconsciously to assist and heal them

One of the ways to strengthen your energetic boundaries is through intention. You can create your own intention or use this one:-

I …… ask the assistance of Divine Source and my spiritual team of angels, guides and guardians, to strengthen, restore and heal my boundaries with ………… at all levels and dimensions of being to 100% optimal functioning and integrity.

There are times when it can be helpful to have assistance with healing.

Katherine Amber Murray