file7181334521100I would like to share with you my story that is the motivation and reason for my passion, for helping people who are suffering from chronic pain and even low level constant pain, because I know just how much that can affect your daily life and diminish your sense of physical and emotional wellbeing. I’ve been there. Several years ago, I suffered a minor back injury that resulted in ongoing pain, that at times exacerbated to high pain levels. I know the sense of hopelessness I felt at times and how much this affected every aspect of my life. I recall the pressure to take medication and ignore my body and just carry on at a reduced level of functioning and enjoyment of life.

I have always been a very fit woman, I love dance, running, walking and have related to life very much through my body. Here I was, at a place in my life, where movement caused me pain. Dancing was pain, walking was pain, sitting was pain and night was often the worst, having to get up and walk around to reduce the pain. At this time, I made a decision, to do whatever it takes to get my life back and to have a sense of wellbeing and enjoyment of my body. And I did. It has been a journey and at times it has required strong belief and hard work and just keeping going and gradually I was able to dance again, take pleasure in walking and running, each place on my journey a landmark and celebration of belief in myself and my commitment to finding and using the tools to heal – body, mind and soul.

What has really made a difference for me was firstly, my commitment to myself and my healing journey, secondly, learning to listen to what my body was telling me and thirdly clearing the emotional patterns and past experiences that were contributing to my pain. It took me about a month to notice a significant difference and about 6 months to deeply clear the patterns and experience high levels of wellbeing and full enjoyment of my life and physicality again. I still exercise daily and watch my stress levels to maintain high levels of wellbeing. What a powerful learning experience. I did need to make some changes and decisions that supported my healing process and of course people have pain for many different reasons. What I learnt is that by listening to my body and using tools to manage my pain levels, I could take back control of my wellbeing and life and this has made all the difference.

Since that time, I have passionately pursued an understanding of pain, how it affects us and what we can do to effectively manage and relieve pain. I work with guided visualisation, meditation and relaxation and self help pain release and reduction tools to assist people to take back their life and better manage chronic pain. You are welcome to contact me with any questions or to arrange a session at