troll public domainDo you find that when you seem to be moving toward what you want, something happens to stop you?

This is your inner saboteur at work. While this may look as if it comes from an external cause, the truth is that many people have sabotage patterns that stop them from having what they want. We set this up in some way, so we stop ourselves from getting what we want. We do this to keep ourselves safe and comfortable and doing what we know. Does this sound familiar?

We have created sabotage patterns for a reason. They kept us safe. Perhaps you got in trouble at school, or from your parents for speaking your truth, so you learnt to be quiet, not to speak up for what you want. Now you wonder why you get passed over, no one seems to listen to you or pay attention to your needs. Perhaps you want a promotion at work. You put in the extra effort and time to really excel at your job and then the opportunity for promotion comes and you don’t get the job. You can’t understand why. Your inner saboteur is at work, keeping you safe and comfortable, doing the same thing. Making sure that you don’t draw attention to yourself and get into trouble. Can you see how that works? It worked well for a small child that might get into trouble at school. For an adult who wants a promotion, it really doesn’t work well at all.

Becoming aware of sabotage patterns that stop you having what you want, is a key factor in making the changes that need to happen to get you what you really do want. It’s so easy for life to continue on just as it is, without really giving us the level of fulfillment, joy and pleasure we would get from doing and having the things we really want. Start noticing what happens, to stop you moving forward. Is there a pattern or a theme? Awareness is the first step. From there you can begin to explore new actions that will better assist you in moving forward.


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