large magellanic cloudFor many of us, the questions Who am I? and Why am I here? are important, soul searching questions on our journey. A sense of meaning and purpose are what help us to make sense of our life and can guide us in living a life that is fulfilling and richly rewarding. Numerology can offer important insights that are often overlooked on the search for meaning and purpose.

The science of numbers or numerology is one of the keys that has been used since ancient times, to guide us as to how particular universal patterns and qualities, are available to us as resources for our life’s journey.

We are born at a particular moment in time and it is no co-incidence that the numbers of our birth represent the qualities our soul has chosen, as the particular learning for this lifetime. Our birth name also, is not random, rather it is an expression of our unique vibration, of the talents, wisdom and abilities brought with you into this lifetime, from the perspective of reincarnation.

Numerology is also very practical, giving an understanding of the cycles operating in our life and how they are affecting us. It can be useful in understanding whether it is a good time to begin a new venture or buy a new home, or perhaps it is a better time to tie up loose ends ready to move into the new.

Numerology is rich in wisdom that can easily be applied in our life, once we grasp the meaning of the main patterns or archetypes that are active in our life at this time through the cycles and the patterns and qualities that we have chosen for our main lessons and challenges.

I’m currently offering a free mini-reading, which explains your life path number, expression number and soul urge number. Your life path number is derived from your date of birth and can assist you in understanding the opportunities and challenges that you will meet on your life journey. Your expression number, based on your birth name reveals the qualities, talents and wisdom that are available to you as an inherent part of your name’s vibration. The soul urge number describes the inner you, your deepest desire and motivations and can provide insight into the deeper driving forces of your soul, influencing many of the choices you make. I invite you to visit:- and get your free numerology reading.