There are times when I have needed to remind myself of this constantly and almost continually. To remind myself that regardless of what is happening in my life, I can choose joy, I can choose happiness. Understanding this has been a huge piece for me, in creating a life filled with gratitude and joy for what is, every day.

As a deep feeling woman, I have spent a lot of time doing emotions. There have been times in my life when I have spent hours and evenIMG_9010 days in pain, sadness and suffering, not realising that I had a choice. That no matter what is going on in my life, I can dig deep and find something to be grateful for, something to feel happy and joyful about. I can find another way of looking at what is going on for me, where I see the learning. Sometimes not in the middle of it, but when I’m ready to step aside and find the gift. I find gratitude to be a key for me, that helps me to access joy in even the most challenging or difficult situations. When I can find something to be grateful for, some small thing, it’s as if a crack opens in the darkness and the light begins to flood in. What can you be grateful for, today, right now, in this moment?