creative inspirationWhen we have a strong enough desire to do something, we find a way to do it. When our desire is strong enough, we don’t let anything stand in our way – we find a way through, over, under or around and just keep going.

Have you had that experience in your life, of wanting something so much that even though the odds were against you, you made it happen?

3 years ago, I made a commitment to do my own work. I had a burning desire to do what I loved, to use my skills and gifts, to assist people to transform their lives and to heal and grow. I knew that this is what I am here to do. I had no doubt at all. I have a lot of heart for my work, and a strong desire to do this, no matter what. It’s been quite a journey and yes there have been obstacles and challenges to overcome. Yet, I have held to my desire and commitment to do this and just kept going, through the ups and downs. Along the way this journey has blessed my life in so many ways, all of it.

When we really want something, we bring all of our abilites and resources to it. When we really want something and are focused on it 100%, it is as if we draw on an extra force or power that is not usually available to us. We draw to us opportunities, synchronicites and assistance, at times in surprising ways, When we are this focused, it’s truly amazing what is possible.

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I look forward to assisting you on your journey.