20160414_131042[1]It’s the moments in life that offer nourishment to the soul. It’s the moments in life that we can miss, if we rush through life and focus purely on getting to our destination and forget about enjoying the journey. In truth this moment is all we have.

I was walking by the river and I stopped to watch a small bird. He/she was flying in front of me, in small circles. His flight was like a dance. I felt so much joy in it. Joy in just being alive, in this moment. He/she circled in front of me again and again, spiralling in flight. His flight spoke to that place in me that feels such joy in life, in movement, in being, in expressing and sharing my pure beingness in the world as he/she was doing so eloquently. It was one of those magic moments, when time seemed to stop and I was fully present to this moment and what was showing up in my world. I felt this small bird gave me a gift, a gift of flight and I stood and watched in appreciation and wonder until his flight was done and he flew back to the tree, resting on a branch.

Today, make some time to stop and appreciate what shows up in your world. Each day, there are many moments that offer us the opportunity to experience something unique, to let ourselves be touched by life, to connect, to share, to experience something new, fresh, to see the world from a place of wonder and to be fully present to that.

Katherine Amber Murray