It’s been an amazing week for me as I see how quickly my intentions manifest when I get clear. I’m noticing that the clearer I am, the more flow and ease there is in attracting the circumstances and opportunities in my life that align with my desires and intentions.

Keeping my energy clear is a daily practice for me, through prayer, mediation and energy work. It’s about finding what works for you and making that a regular part of your life. 10 minutes in the morning and evening, spent meditating, breathing consciously, doing tai chi or qi gong, yoga or walking is all it takes to begin to create a space of clarity and intentionality in your life.

From a place of centeredness and clarity, it is easier to create what you want to see and experience in your life, instead of living life by default. This is time for you:-
to nurture your spirit, to come into a clear space, to let go of the stories, thoughts and emotions and accumulated negativity that interfere with living a life of clarity and intention.

Breathing is key in whatever practice you engage in, as it is in working with our breath, that we become present to the moment and let go of whatever we no longer need.

Here is a simple breathing and visualisation practice to bring balance, harmony and new energy to your body and energy field, that you might like to experiment with:-
Find a comfortable position with your spine straight. Bring your awareness to your breathing. Take a deep breath in, hold your breath for a moment at the top of the inhale and then breath out, all the way out. Repeat this 2 more times.
* Now bring your attention to your heart centre, at the centre of your chest. The heart is the natural transformer of our body. Imagine breathing in peace and a feeling of relaxation – you might like to imagine peace as a pure white light from the universe. Breathe peace into your heart and allow that feeing of peace to flow from your heart through your whole body. Then, breathe out any stress or tension, or anything you no longer need. Just let it go.. * Now, imagine breathing the energy of love into your heart. You might like to imagine love as a pink light, the colour of rose quartz. As you breathe in, breathe love into your heart and allow that pink, gentle, loving energy to flow through your whole body, breathing out any old energy, anything you have been holding onto, just let it go.
* Now imagine the golden light of the sun, breathe the light and energy from the sun into your heart. Feel that radiant golden light, warmth and energy flowing through your whole body, vitalising and energising you. Breathing in golden light, breathing out any old, stale energy, letting it go. Breathing in golden light, breathing out anything you no longer need. You can continue, breathing in light and energy and letting go of whatever you no longer need, until this feels complete.