autumn-forest-1388698479j56Many of us have experienced times in our life, when we know that we need to let go and move on, yet we struggle with doing that. We struggle with letting go of what we know and embracing the unknown. We struggle with trusting, that in letting go of what no longer serves, we are making room for something new and that will come, in its own way and own time.

Perhaps you are there right now. In a job, a relationship, or situation, which no longer serves you. It just doesn’t feel right any more. It doesn’t support your growth and expansion. It is keeping you stuck in old patterns and ways of being which no longer feel right.

The first step is awareness – noticing how you feel. Is there a particular emotion or feeling that keeps coming up for you such as anger, frustration, sadness or hurt? Often we get caught up in our emotional reactions and external dramas, that then keep us engaged in situations, that are not working well, instead of taking the time to be with ourselves. Time to sit quietly and pay attention to what we are feeling and needing.

If you are in a place in your life right now, where you are struggling with letting go and moving on, you might like to explore the following simple awareness exercise:-

Take some time to sit quietly and ask yourself the following:-

1. What are you feeling?
Is this feeling located in a particular place in your body?
Is there a sensation with the feeling?
A colour?
A texture?

Start to breathe into that feeling, without trying to change it. Just accepting it and breathing into it. Notice if it changes.

2. The second part is to ask:-
What do you need right now?
Listen for the answer – just let it come. Perhaps as a word, a feeling, a knowing, or even a picture.

3. What is one step that you can take right now toward that.

When we take time to really listen to ourselves, to what we are feeling and needing, we can often find greater clarity about our next step. As a result, the letting go and moving on can be easier.

At times people may need assistance in going deeper, in order to transform and heal whatever is going on. You can find out more about Katherine’s transformational coaching and healing here:-