DSC02131I have seen quite a few people in my community going through dark times, so I thought that I would share some of my thoughts on this. Many of us at some time in our life come to a place of despair and hopelessness, what has been called a “dark night of the soul”. At such times, we cannot see the light or the way forward and this can drive us deeper into a place of despair. Yet, it is in these times that we can find our strength, courage and resources to sustain us through the dark times and assist us to find our way back to the light.

The dark night of the soul experience can be triggered by a loss; perhaps a loss of a person, or a job, or of an opportunity to fulfil a goal or dream, or perhaps the loss of health and wellbeing that arises from an illness. At such times, what we have known and how we have lived our life may no longer seems relevant or enough to cope with our situation. We may feel that we do not have what it takes to get through this time and come out the other side.

I have had my own journeys to dark places and somehow found what I needed to make the return journey. Such times call us to dig deep and find the wisdom and resources we need to live life in a new way, to heal and grow. Perhaps we find ourselves alone after 20 years of marriage, or lose our job and cannot see the way forward. There is always a gift to be found in such times, yet finding this gift means opening to new possibilities, perhaps going beyond what we thought was possible or finding answers in unexpected places. The dark night of the soul seems to crack open our shell, that represents our beliefs and perceived limitations and let in the light, so as we can emerge and become more than we have been or thought possible.

How we access our resources is unique and different for each of us. One person, may find healing and renewal through spending time in nature, or taking up a new hobby such as singing or painting. This may be a good time to seek professional counselling or coaching or explore alternative healing methods such as reiki, hypnotherapy, meditation or yoga.

A simple technique that I use to stimulate my mind to access my inner resources is to ask a question. Finding the right question, can take a bit of trial and error, until you ask a question that gets your brain working and stimulates new neural pathways that open you to new ways of thinking and experiencing the world.

Here’s one you can try:- How many ways can I find the (wisdom, healing, peace) that is exactly what I need now?

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