IMG_5563[2]As I was walking today, in the forest, I started noticing pathways and thinking about some of the pathways I have taken in life and the pathways I’m choosing to travel now.We often don’t know where a pathway will lead, or which is the “right” pathway to choose, yet we make choices, we take one road, rather than another. There are times when we seem to walk the same pathway over and over again, because it is known and familiar. At other times we venture down new pathways into unknown territory. We may choose well worn pathways or forge our own pathways through the wilderness.

In many ways, our choices define us, they make us who we are and invite particular experiences over other experiences and other possibilities.
Our choices may be more or less conscious. If you would like to, take a moment to reflect on some of the choices you have made recently, or are making now:-

Are you making the same choices day after day, because they seem known, comfortable and safe?
Are your choices conscious and moving you toward the outcomes you want?
Are you setting clear intentions and making choices that are aligned with your intentions?
Are you making choices more by default, going along with what is expected or with other people’s choices?
Is it time to make new choices, to open to new possibilities and get different results or outcomes?
Is it time to make choices that lead you down unfamiliar and unknown pathways, where everything is not mapped out and certain and there is room for adventure and new possibilities and experiences?

When we make the same choices day after day; go to the same job because it pays the bills, do the same thing, denying new experiences or possibilities, life can become habitual and deadening. We no longer notice much about our surroundings or the people we are with, because they are familiar and we become lazy and mechanical in our responses, taking the path of least effort. We may also have forgotten the original intention that we had in making the choice and the outcome we wanted. Instead, we are making the same choices in a habitual or mechanical way, when it is not moving us toward the outcomes we want.
Taking some time to get clear on your intention and the outcomes you want, is important, as it supports you in moving forward in a purposeful and conscious way. That does not mean that you necessarily have all the answers, as to how to get from A to B. Yet, when you have a clear destination in mind and a strong desire to achieve your outcome, you will find that you draw to yourself possibilities and opportunities to fulfil it.

There are times, when it can be helpful, to have assistance in getting clear on your intention and how to move forward from where you are to where you want to be. Each month I keep a few spaces open to work with people who would like some assistance in gaining clarity and purpose in their life. If this sounds like something that would serve you at this time and you are ready to make changes in your life, I invite you to apply for a clarity and purpose session with Katherine here:-