autumn-brook-portrait public domain
Like nature has its seasons, we too have our natural cycles and seasons. We can use the seasons of the year, as a metaphor and guide for us in recognising and navigating our own seasons of the soul.

The time that we spend in each place in the cycle is personal and unique, according to our own inner rhythms. We may spend a week, a month, a year or even longer in one soul season, until we are ready to move on.

Having an understanding of the purpose and work of our soul seasons, in the cycle of our life, can assist in navigating them. This is personal and unique and also has themes that are naturally present to more or less degree, as part of this cycle.

Autumn is a time of letting go. Like the leaves falling from the trees in autumn, there is a place in our soul cycle of letting go of what we no longer need, ready for the next cycle. At this point in the cycle, there is a recognition of a need for change, to let go of things that no longer serve us. This may be old ways of being, relationships, things we need to let go of, or perhaps moving house or changing jobs. There is often an outer situation that is the impetus for change.

To move forward, to grow and change, like nature, there is a time of letting go of what no longer serves us on our journey. Like the snake shedding its skin, we need at times to shed our old skin. Our old skin is that which no longer has life or vitality, or serves our growth. This may be old feelings, memories, ways of living or being.

When we are navigating the soul season of autumn, there can be sadness and grief present, as we let go of what we no longer serves us, as part of our life and journey. There may be times of going over memories as part of this process, old feelings may emerge as we clear out, sort and sift through, in order to find what we want to bring forward with us in some form into the new cycle and what we want to release.

There are things we can do to assist this process, that may help us move through it in a more whole, full and complete way:-
* journalling – journalling feelings that come up, memories, thoughts can assist the process of making sense of our experiences and assist with processing and releasing thoughts, memories and feelings
* physical clearing out of some type can assist with the inner process of clearing out. Perhaps clearing out old letters, photographs, clothes etc can bring the clearing out to a physical level that supports the inner work of letting go.
* gardening is another form of physical activity that can give physical expression to the letting go process. Perhaps weeding or pruning as you consciously let go and release what no longer serves you.
* fire is wonderfully transformative and can form the basis for a simple ritual of completion and letting go. Burning old letters or papers, or even writing a letter to a person and saying what you need to say is a way to transform old energies and feelings and bring a greater sense of completion that supports you in moving on.
* sage can be burnt to asisst with clearing old energies from you and your surroundings.

This is just a few ideas to assist you to come up with your own ways to support the process of letting go and releasing the old, to make way for the new, that is part of the cycle of autumn.

It can also help to get assistance with processing, clearing and transforming old ways of being, thinking and feeling as you let go of what no longer serves you, in order to move into the new.