Your soul manifesting blueprint describes the specific ways that your soul is designed to manifest into your human experience
The soul wants to express itself into the physical realm and the way we each do this is unique. Through your Manifesting Blueprint, you can gain an understanding of how your soul naturally and authentically expresses itself in your creativity, relationships, business and life.

This insight is particularly helpful to bring to the way you do business, as the more you align to your soul’s blueprint, the greater flow and abundance you will naturally create in your business.

You are here to express your soul through your human experience and yet often we struggle to understand how to do this. I know I did. From the day we are born, we are dealing with cultural conditioning and influences, often from well meaning loved ones, which is not congruent with our essential nature. This is part of the journey, to some degree we all forget who we are and it is often through the experience of pain, that we are motivated to re-awaken and re-member our true nature.

Your soul’s manifesting blueprint can provide a piece of the puzzle, guiding you to express yourself in your business and life in ways that are most natural and authentic to you as a soul being.

Your soul’s manifesting blueprint includes:-

* Your soul’s manifesting blueprint chart
* A written report describing what each of the 8 aspects of the soul blueprint chart means and it’s practical application
* A 1 hour session during which I will explain your soul’s manifesting blueprint chart and give you the opportunity to ask any questions
* Opportunity to ask 4 to 5 questions by email following your session

Special Introductory Price $175.00 Regular Price $195.00

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