What is Spiritual Hypnotherapy?

Spiritual Hypnotherapy is a holistic approach to working with mind, body and spirit, that allows people to connect with their spiritual resources for healing, guidance and improved wellbeing.

What Type of Problems Can Spiritual Hypnotherapy Assist With?

Spiritual Hypnotherapy can assist people who are dealing with depression, chronic health issues, feeling a sense of disconnection, or lack of meaning or purpose.

Spiritual Hypnotherapy can assist you to feel more empowered, confident and resourceful as you begin to tap into multi-dimensional levels of yourself that have not been fully available to you.

As an akashic guide, Katherine’s approach is unique combining working in the akashic records with a light, natural hypnosis experience to raise your vibrational frequency to assist you to connect with and develop your spiritual resources for many of the spiritual hypnotherapies.

Some of the Spiritual Hypnotherapies available are:-

  • Past life regression – the root cause of deeply rooted patterns can often be found in past lives. Resolve past life contracts and agreements and understand how your past lives are still affecting this one.
  • Life between lives regression – journey between lives for insights into current issues
  • Higher self communication – communicating with your higher self is accessing a higher/wiser part of yourself for guidance and insights that can assist you. Working in the akashic records assists with raising your vibrational frequency to facilitate this experience.
  • Spirit Animal Communication – your spirit animal is a powerful resource that can improve vitality levels and assist you to feel more empowered and fully present in the here and now.
  • Angel/guide communication – we all have angels working with us and spirit guides and you can connect with your angels and spirit guides and receive messages to assist you. Through opening your akashic records, your vibration is raised to assist you to connect with your angels and guides while being in a state of light naturalistic hypnosis
  • Archetype Activation – activate and tap into the power and wisdom of your inner archetypes such as the wise man/woman, Queen/King, hero/heroine   as  powerful resources available to you to assist you in your life to feel more empowered, confident and resourceful
  • Shadow work – the shadow is all the parts of us that we have suppressed and denied and through hypnotherapy we can integrate these parts of ourselves back into our wholeness
  • Akashic Records Activation and Attunement – This is a full akashic record activation and empowerment, where you meet your akashic guide and are attuned to the vibration of the akashic records for continued access. This intensive session includes a prayer that you can work with to facilitate your accessing the akashic records and a PDF that expands on the session with detailed information about the akashic records, guidelines for access and self care. This is the first step in my akashic records full training and a life changing step forward in your evolution as accessing the akashic records shifts your energy to a whole new level and vibration. This is a 3 hour intensive session and is not included in the special offer for November. You can find out more about the akashic records here:- Akashic Records Activations

This is just some of the ways you can access your spiritual resources through hypnotherapy. All sessions are 2 hours and include a 30 minute consultation. You can use the paypal buttons below to book your session.

Katherine Amber Murray

Clinical Hypnotherapist,
Transpersonal Art Therapist,
Transformational Coach,
Akashic Guide

Spiritual Hypnotherapy - 2 hour session - $225.00 includes consultation and integration and your choice of Spiritual Hypnotherapies

Special offer available for November only:- Online spiritual Hypnotherapy Sessions only $150.00 instead of the regular investment of $225.00. This offer excludes the akashic record attunement and activation.

Akashic record activation and attunement - 3 hour session. Includes PDF with guidelines for accessing the akashic records and akashic records prayer. This is the first stage in my full akashic record reading course - $333.00

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Katherine brings over 20 years experience with many type of spiritual and energetic healing to her work and has a passion for assisting people to access their gifts and develop their intuition to assist with living a magnificent life that expresses their purpose. Developing our gifts can assist us to be more in tune with ourselves and bring benefits to health, career, relationships and finances.

Katherine holds qualifications as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, Transpersonal Art Therapist, NLP practitioner and Life Coach.