img_0382How you start the day is so important. It sets the tone or energy for the day and the rest of your day unfolds from that. Have you ever noticed that when you start the day off by sleeping late for example, that the energy continues, you perhaps skip breakfast, rush to get to work on time and the energy of feeling rushed and frazzled seems to continue?

I like to start the day with setting my intention for the day. I ask how  I want to feel and what I want to focus on today. I get clear on what is important and set my intention from that. Setting your intention in a question form is a powerful technique to focus your mind and energy throughout the day. Writing your intention on a card and referring to it throughout the day is a great way to keep focused and positive.

While this sounds a very simple technique, don’t underestimate its power to assist you to create change in your life. Here is an example of how to set an intention using question format:-

Your intention for the day:- I am inspired, motivated and connected with the infinite flow of universal energy

In question form it might look like this:- How can I continue to feel even more inspired, motivated and connected with the infinite flow of universal energy?

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