IMGP8195 (2)As I drove down the mountain yesterday, it was a scene of devastation from last night’s rain and strong winds. Branches and debris were strewn across the road and littered the sides of the highway. I found this an apt metaphor for my life at the moment. The strong winds of change sure are blowing through my life. Yet, most of the time, I feel peaceful, centred and in the stillness at the centre of it all.

The key for me is having a focus and purpose that assists me to stay focused in the midst of life’s changes. When there is a lot of change going on, it’s easy to get stressed, unsettled and overwhelmed. After all there is so much to take in, beyond what we usually encompass in a day. Often in times of change, we are holding both the old ways of being as we step into and embrace the new. At the moment, I’m holding my business and clients, studying and getting my house ready for sale in preparation for our move to the coast. Looking forward, I’m looking at properties for rent and planning my business, so as it can function effectively for everyone concerned during the move.

I focus on my plan, one step at a time and stay centred in the present moment, for the most part. Staying focused in the present moment is how I find peace and stillness in the midst of it all. In the present moment, I have particular tasks to do and that is where I place my focus and attention. The future I can plan for and be with as it unfolds, day by day.

Where is your focus? In the past, present or future?
Would you benefit by being more focused in the present moment?
What can you do to bring your focus more fully to this moment?

Some suggestions are:-

• Be aware of your breath. Breathe fully and deeply in a regular rhythm
• Throughout the day, stop and notice the beauty all around you. It’s there, if you look for it.
• Be fully present and focused on whatever you are doing
• Spend time in nature helps to soothe the senses and bring the nervous system into balance making it easier to be present in the moment