20150816_171350[1]During times of change, there can be a sense of stepping into the unknown. Change may be something we choose, or something that we experience as being thrust upon us, by changes in outer circumstances. Either way, it is not usually comfortable. Sameness is comfortable. It makes us feel safe and secure. It gives us a sense of certainty to know what is going to happen every day. Yet in truth, it can be deadening. Lack of change leads to stasis and ultimately death.
Life is change. To be alive and to grow is to experience change.Going through periods of major change, however, can be experienced as exciting or absolutely terrifying. Both of these qualities may be present to some degree. It can be like having our roots pulled up, metaphorically or at times literally, with no firm ground beneath our feet. This can be very disruptive to our sense of safety, security and belonging. Suddenly, we need to find these internally, instead of externally and that can be a challenge.
Certainty is a strong human need, it makes us feel safe and secure to be in familiar surroundings or situations, or with people we know. These are really basic survival needs. Moving away from what we know, into the unknown can make us feel ungrounded and disconnected, from ourselves and our surroundings.
Some suggestions to assist with navigating periods of change:-
* focus on the excitement instead of the fear. Fear and excitiment feel very similar in our body. You get to choose.
* practice meditation and find the sense of groundedness and connection within you
* do familiar things in unfamiliar places or situations – enjoy your favourite coffee, a good book, wash the dishes or anything that gives you that feeling of familiarity and routine.
* maintain connections with your support network of friends and family.
* practice compassion for yourself and others. People are usually doing the best they can in any given situation, including you.

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