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Life is busy for many of us and our to do lists seem to get longer and fuller. Amidst life’s busyness it is so important to take time to do what nourishes your soul. This can be a moment, an afternoon or a day. It’s not about how much time you spend, it is about doing something which makes you feel connected, inspired and alive!

Take a moment and ask yourself – what truly nourishes your soul? What makes you feel alive? What inspires you?

Then ask yourself – How can you incorporate this into your day?

There are so many ways to make nourishing your soul part of your day and life on a regular basis:-

* walking in a beautiful natural place
* taking a moment to smell a flower
* listening to a favourite piece of music
* having a bath, with candles, essential oil…
* drinking a cup of your favourite tea and bringing all of your senses to the experience
* watching a sunset
* smiling at a loved one or stranger

It is so easy for life to become mechanical and habitual, through focusing on getting things done, rather than living and experiencing life in each moment. Yes, there are many things to get done in a day, yet taking time to do what nourishes your deeper self can make all the difference, between a life well lived and life just passing by. Don’t let your life go by without making time to do what nourishes your soul, what feeds you and inspires you!

Katherine Amber Murray