mountains-wallpaper-2One of the things that I have found really helpful, particularly when going through relationship challenges in my life, that just feel painful, is to practice what I call, taking a soul perspective.
This isn’t about not feeling, we are human beings, we feel, we hurt and that is a good thing. I cannot imagine and don’t want to imagine a world where people are incapable of feeling the full range of human emotions. Yet, to stay in this place for over long I have not found a really resourceful place to be.
Taking a soul perspective is a way I get into a more resourceful place in challenging situations. All you need is a journal, a fairly quiet place and some time to write and reflect.

I start by looking for the learnings, because they are always there. I say to myself – What if this person’s soul and my soul agreed to come together to teach each other something, what would it be? Then I start journalling on what I have learnt from the relationship, what insights I’ve had, whatever comes to me. The insights may be about my character, something I need to see about myself. They may be about how I respond in particular situations. They may be about a pattern of behaviour or relating, the possibilities are endless really, that’s just some ideas to begin. I just keep asking, as if I’m asking a higher part of myself, for the wisdom and insights from the situation – some call that the higher self or the super conscious or even your intution, whatever works best for you. I keep asking and journalling until this feels complete. Until I feel I’ve really got the insights and learnings from the situation and it just feels complete. One of the ways I know this is complete, is that I feel peaceful, I feel grateful. Truly sometimes our souls choose some tough assignments.

This is a process I guide clients through with some slight variations that assist with shifting into a higher perspective, where you can get the insights that I have found really assist with finding greater peace and resolution, particularly with challenging relationships or situations, past or present. If you would like a guide for the journey, you are welcome to PM me about this.