sun-over-oceanWhen we utilise the power of intention in our life, we are sending out a clear message to the Universe about what we want. We are also narrowing our focus to notice the possibilities and opportunities that show up to assist us to move toward what we are wanting. This works!

Have you ever noticed that when you are thinking about buying a new car, you suddenly start noticing the colour or model of car that you have been thinking about. You start seeing a lot of this type of car, far more than you are usually aware of. The reason for this is that our brain cannot consciously take in all of the information available to it, in any moment. Most of the information available to us will remain outside of our awareness. Only the information that our brain has decided is important to us, will be available to our conscious awareness. This functioning is based on ancient survival mechanisms. Imagine there is a tiger coming toward you. If you are going to have a chance of surviving, you need to narrow your focus and pick up only the information that is essential to surviving the encounter with the tiger.

So it is with intention. Setting a clear intention and holding that in your awareness, tells your brain to notice all information relevant to that intention. You may have experienced, that when you are feeling angry, you can easily find more reasons to be angry. Similarly if you are feeling grateful, it is much easier to find reasons to be grateful.

Setting an intention for the day, is a great way to start the day! Setting a clear and powerful intention, can create a wonderful sense of flow in your day, where things just seem to happen, with less effort – you find that parking spot, your meeting with an important client goes well and you seem to be in the right place at the right time.

When you add visualisation to your intention it is even more powerful. Spending a few moments at the beginning of the day, to visualise your perfect day, in as much detail as you can, sends clear messages to your brain of what to look out for and creates a greater chance of synchronicities and opportunities showing up and you noticing them.

Bringing in the feeling level of what you want adds even more energy to the mix. Our emotions are a powerful driver in our life. As you set your intention and visualise your day, imagine how you would feel as this transpires and unfolds. Feel it as if it were actually happening. As you go through the day, you can return to this feeling occasionally and remind your unconscious mind what you are wanting to experience more of.

The key is being light and playful with this, rather than trying too hard and over-focusing. Let it be easy, let it be fun!