the power of imagination“Imagination is everything. People seem to think of it as a superficial thing, lighter than thought and research. I don’t. I see imagination as the most important power we have. As we imagine the world, so we live and understand. But a great deal of the imagination that shapes us lies under the surface. We need to tap that underlying storehouse of images in order to grasp who we are and where we are headed.” Thomas Moore

Our imagination is a powerful way to connect with our inner resources for healing and finding creative solutions to any challenges we may be dealing with. Our unconscious mind contains an enormous reservoir of energy and creative resources, that we can access using our imagination.

Imagination is often devalued, yet it is through imagination that we bring meaning and depth, to what we see and experience. With our imagination we “colour” the world with memories, narratives and contextual meaning. In many ways this enriches, adds tone and subtle nuances to our experience of the world.

We can use guided visualisation as a way to access the healing power of our imagination. When we imagine ourselves as healthy, happy and living the life we want to be living, our unconscious mind accepts this as true. The pictures we hold in our mind, contribute to how we experience ourselves and the world. When we use our imagination to create pictures of health and healing, this directs our unconscious mind to come up with solutions and insights, that are congruent, with the pictures we are holding in our mind.

Guided imagery had been found to affect the autonomic nervous system and to promote physiological changes which assist healing. Studies have shown that guided imagery stimulates immune, endocrine and nervous system responses, which speed up the healing process. Imagining ourselves as healthy and seeing and experiencing healing taking place, through guided visualisation, can contribute to the process of physiological and psychological healing and change!

Our imagination is a powerful tool to tap into the innate healing ability in our mind and body. You can explore this through meditating on healing imagery such as trees, the sun or water. Nature has amazing healing power and potential, that we can tap into, through our mind and imagination. And this is just touching the surface of the healing possibilities that are available to us through accessing the resources in our unconscious mind.

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