mask-face-clothing-cover-carnival-masks-palace - public domainI find masks interesting. Particularly, those worn in sacred ritual and performance. Putting on a mask deliberately can be so powerful as you get to tap into the qualities of the mask and embody that. Masks have been used in ceremonies and rituals for thousands of years.

The other type of masks, are the everyday masks, that we often wear unconsciously, rather than deliberately. We may wear different masks, at different times – the mask we wear at work, at home, as a parent, a friend and so on. Masks can be useful. They allow us to express certain aspects or facets of our totality that are appropriate to the situation. Perhaps we take the mask off when we are alone, or with a close friend or partner,. Or, we may have another mask that we wear for that situation too. Some people may never take their mask off They may have forgotten that they are wearing a mask and think that the face or persona they present to the world is who they really are.

Becoming aware of the masks you wear and who you are beneath the mask, is an important part of the work of cultivating a stronger connection with the real you. With this awareness, you can more consciously and deliberately, choose to wear a mask. You can choose when to put it on and when to take it off. You know when you are wearing a mask and when you are not. You recognise that the mask is a tool or a prop, it is not who you are.

As we become aware of the masks we wear, we can start to free them up and play with them a bit. We can try on new masks and see how they feel. When you look at a mask, it usually has holes for the eyes to shine through. The eyes are said to be the mirror of the soul. I think this is also a symbolic reminder, to let something of the real self shine through even when you are wearing a mask.