garden-view-wallpaperI would like to offer another viewpoint on depression, that assists with finding the gifts and perhaps also a deeper sense of meaning, in something that is often seen only as a problem, that needs to be medicated and fixed. That being said, I acknowledge that there may be times when medication serves an important role, particularly in severe depression. This is more about offering another view and perspective that may be helpful in navigating depression.

My viewpoint is one of healing rather than curing. One that sees everything serving a purpose in the scheme of things. With the understanding that, when we are able connect with our inner resources and to navigate our experiences in a meaningful way, even depression can bring gifts and wisdom.

Mild depression is something many people experience at some time. What I’m seeing is that there is still a societal shame around depression, which can lead to depression remaining hidden and not fully acknowledged. This can contribute to prolonging the depression, as support and assistance may not be appropriately sought. I’m also noticing a response of keeping depression at bay with busyness and avoidance strategies. In my view, one of the reasons for this is that depression is not generally recognised as something that serves a purpose and contains gifts and wisdom that can enrich our lives.

What if depression were seen as a message from our soul, that we need to take some soul time. As a deeper calling to withdraw our energy from the outer world, at least to some degree, so as we can spend time with our deeper self. Time listening to the voice of our soul, or inner being, to the messages of our dreams, to our soul urging to make time for things that stir the imagination and nourish our deeper self.

Modern life is often so full of busyness and demands that little time is made for the soul. The soul needs are very different than the personality needs. What the soul needs is particular to a person, a time and a place. It is a response to the deeper needs that comes from really listening and being present to your Soul Self or deeper Self. This doesn’t happen easily amidst the busyness of daily life and so often, the soul needs get overlooked or ignored. Depression can be one result of this, from a perspective that holds that the health of the soul, is vital to the health and well being of the whole person.

Making time for soul will look different for each person and at different times and stages of life. Yet, there may be themes and a sense of continuity, with the threads of our soul life as they interweave through our life journey. For one person, it may be making time to spend in the garden, to get their hands in the earth, to nurture and care for plants, attune to the cycles and seasons and appreciate the beauty of nature, in all its phases, that is exactly what the soul needs. For another, it may be writing, or singing, making a quilt, cooking or painting. What is important is the attitude, as much as the mode of expression. Soul work requires attention, presence and being with, rather than rushing toward an outcome or getting things done in a particular time frame.

So, why not start making some time for your soul and listening to the voice of your inner being, Listening to it’s promptings and urgings and seeing where these take you.

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost

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