autumn-leaves-1360085258nTjThis is true in so many ways and situations. We can’t create something new by building on the old and adding to it. The result will tend to be more of the same. Yet, often we hang on to the old, unwilling to let go of it in order to create what we truly desire.

At the moment, I’m getting my house ready for sale. Ready to create a new home, new experiences and possibilities in a new place, in a way I couldn’t do by staying with the old. Letting go of the old frees us up to invite in the new.

Yet, in letting go of the old, we step into the unknown. There is always a certain uncomfortability in this, risk even. The known is familiar, we know it’s ways and idiosyncracies. The new will reveal itself over time. We are less able to predict it, or control and manage it, as we are not familiar with its ways. The new brings new energy, excitement and possibility. It can also trigger deep fear and insecurity. There is both. Life always has two sides; we can’t have one without the other. So, we need to deal with and acknowledge both. By acknowledging the fear and insecurity, whilst embracing the excitement and possibility, we are able to navigate both. In fact, they can balance each other, with the fear and insecurity reminding us, perhaps, not to take excessive risks and to find a way to maintain some sense of security even amidst change.

As I make outer changes, I’m also doing a lot of inner letting go – letting go of old emotions, things I no longer need, ways of being that no longer serve. Looking forward to a sea change.

You might like to ask yourself: –
Where are you hanging on to old situations or ways of being that you have outgrown, because they are comfortable and familiar?
How are you stopping yourself creating what you really want by being unwilling to let go of what you know?