Have you ever wondered why, with the best of intentions, most people do not make the changes that they want to?

The truth is, we are often comfortable where we are – whether we think that we like our current situation, job or relationship, or not.

Change means a certain amount of risk. It means moving into the new and unknown. This is actually terrifying to our ego. Staying with what is, makes us feel safe and comfortable. So, even though we may think that we want to make changes in our life, it is often our fear of change, discomfort and leaving the known and familiar that stops us.

It takes a strong commitment and willingness to experience a certain amount of discomfort to make significant changes in your life. Many people do not realise this or even allow for this and at some level, expect changes to happen easily and with little effort. Then, when there are challenges, obstacles or resistance, instead of keeping going and moving toward their goals, the challenges and resistance are used as a reason not to make changes.

Change is perceived as dangerous by the ego, which is designed to help us to survive. So, from this perspective, it is better to stay safe, comfortable and avoid unnecessary risks that may threaten the status quo.

So, how do we create change anyway?

We create change by having a clear intention or goal and being willing to go through periods of uncomfortablity. We make a commitment to move toward our intention and then keep moving forward, no matter what. Yes, that’s right, regardless of obstacles, rocks, ditches, whatever, you keep your eye on the goal and find your way around, under or even through the obstacles. Not allowing the obstacles to distract you or become your focus. Rather keeping your focus on your goal and like a ship making its way into shore, you navigate your way around the rocks by the clear light of your intention.

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