20160306_150905[1]We all go through those times in life, when everything seems to be falling apart and it’s difficult to see your way forward. At such times, there’s often that sense of being in the middle of chaos, where nothing quite makes sense and our usual ways of dealing with things and holding things together just doesn’t work.

The truth is that nothing can change if nothing changes. The old ways of being, the old structures that hold our life together in a particular way, though they may feel comfortable and familiar, may need to go, for life to come together in a whole new way. How can our lives change, in a big way, unless we are willing to allow the changes to happen, to let things get a bit messy for a while, so as they can come back together in a whole new way.

Sure, in the middle of this, it is often not a lot of fun and may not make a whole lot of sense. It can be hard to see beyone the unravelling threads of our life, that we may be desperately trying to hold together. Having an understanding of what’s going on can help. Remembering to breathe deeply can help. Spending time in nature can assist, with finding some sort of inner harmony, that will hold and support us through times of change. This is a time when we can benefit from tapping into our support network. Spending time with people, who will affirm us when we think we are falling apart, not just our outer circumstances. People who can assist us to see a bigger picture or to just trust in life and know that we are doing the best we can and we will get through this.

Katherine assists people who are navigating life transitions to connect with their inner resources and to find greater clarity, a sense of purpose and direction, that can hold you steady through challenging times. You can find out more at:- Katherineambermurray.com