f4Self-sabotage has no doubt affected us all at some point. Can you recall times when you have sabotaged your goals, your dreams or your plans? Have you ever sabotaged a relationship, a job or opportunity that you thought you really wanted?
So why do we do it?

There’s always a pay off, for stopping ourselves having what we want. Self sabotage often keeps us from changing and having new experiences.

Staying with what we know feels safe and comfortable. The ego is always trying to keep us safe and comfortable.

It’s our protective mechanism. Doing new things or having new experiences can be seen as a threat, often at an unconscious level.

So, what can we do, when we realise that we are in the midst of self sabotage behaviour, that is stopping us from achieving our goals and making the positive changes that we want to see in our lives?

Here are some strategies for you to explore and perhaps you can come up with a few of your own….

* Ask yourself what the pay-off is for not having or doing this.
* break down your goal into small action steps that are less challenging and triggering to the part of you that is afraid of change
* write down 100 benefits of achieving your goal or outcome
* journal about your fears as a way of acknowledging or giving expression to them
* use reassuring self-talk as you would to a small child – tell yourself that you are safe, everything is going to be ok etc.