rainbow-angel-blend-137901299308652ci9It has been so refreshing to realise this at whole new levels recently. Particularly when we are going through big life changes, or challenges, it can feel like we are alone and nobody really understands what we are going through. This is never true…..

Anything that we are going through, someone else has been through, is going through and will go through. Just because the people in our immediate environment are not going through something similar to us, does not mean that we are the only ones that are going through it. Because we are vibrational beings who are growing and changing in every moment, we are always growing and changing in unique ways and this may differ to the people who are in our immediate environment. Being open to connecting with people, or seeking resources in new ways that arise from our current experience, will allow connections and support to happen, in ways that we may not have imagined.

The key is being open to receive support and to sharing, learning and growing, even when that may be a bit uncomfortable. It may seem counter intuitive, when you are already feeling somewhat vulnerable, as you navigate life changes and challenges, to open yourself to connecting with new people and to exploring new ways of thinking and being. Yet, it is this willingness, that can open the way for a new flow of ideas, energy, giving and receiving, that is a match for your current vibration and experience.

As spiritual beings, we are never alone. We each have a team of guardians, guides, teachers and angels who are there to assist us, with a flow of energy, ideas and support from the non- physical realms. Our part is to ask and to be open to receive. It can take going through times of change and challenge to truly know and remember this.